Phonics Adventure

Our Phonics adventure encorporates the Jolly Phonic ssystem.Students will first recognize the letter, then the sound and once they have mastered this they progress on to blending and spelling through listening.

Grammar Fun
This course is aimed at improving students grammatical skills in order to produce a comprehensive, fluid and grammatically correct piece of writing. Understanding will be achieved through the use of extensive custom grammar worksheets that are presented in various formats so that pupils do not find them monotonous.

Creative Writing
This course developes the students writing skills through creative, inspirational and effective means. The aim is to produce a quality piece of writing through effective brainstorming and thorough planning.

Fun Fun Fun
This course incorporates a holistic approach in learning English. The course is designed with flexibility and versatility in mind and covers the whole spectrum of English, including oral and writing and incorporates arts and craft in lessons.


Speech & Communication
This is an elocution course that trains students to speak correctly. Students will be educated to follow the correct manner of speech, and will be trained for Formal Public Speaking, interviews and how to use the correct body language to project confidence.

This course is designed for those who want to improve on their Putonghua and is available for all ages. All areas of this language will be thoroughly covered, and any personal difficulties will be overcome.

Montessori programs strive to nurture a child’s own independence and initiative by showing respect for each child as a unique individual. Children learn best when they feel secure and have a sense of belonging. By utilizing mixed age groupings and larger class sizes, Montessori programs strive to create a sense of “family” and to facilitate community learning.

COW has playgroups offered in English, French and Putonghua. Through story telling, drawing, singing, speech, music, and role-playing, children can develop interest in the targeted language areas, while at the same time strengthening their language ability.

English Smart Babies
Age range: 6 months - 1 year old

English Play Group
Age range:
Step 1 > 18 months - 2.5 years old
Step 2 > 2.5 years old - 4 years old

Art and Craft
COW’s art and craft lessons are diverse and are aimed at developing children’s creative flair and to encourage them to appreciate fine art. For the younger artists, they get the opportunity to develop gross and fine motor skills, cognitive thinking and social skills.